Why Alternative Assets?

Ready for higher returns in your retirement accounts?

It Seems like the American dream of accumulating $1,000, 000 during the working lifetime and then living off the interest of that money has evaporated. Looking at the returns in retirement accounts are so bad, many just throw the quarterly retirement statement into the garbage unopened. It’s always something that affected Wall Street in some terrible way.

Do You Know what type of Investor You Are? Get Started Here

Finally, much better IRA & 401k returns-

What if there was another place to invest retirement assets away from the risk of Wall Street, yet paid better consistent returns than your local bank? Would you be interested in a diverse portfolio of fixed returns that were in the 7%-14% range?

What if you were the owner of these assets, and they were hard assets, not just the “paper” ownership of a stock, bond, or mutual fund?

Get returns that make retirement possible again

Consistent returns in the 8-12% range will create a nest egg that will allow you to retire. Then, the safety of this cash-flow will allow you to live on just the interest during retirement years, you can pass assets on to heirs or a charity.

Alternative Assets Means Principal Protection

Tired of Losing Money in your Retirement Accounts… Then STOP IT!!

It’s time to stop fretting the latest Wall Street news on CNN. Get your assets out of a place where a bad afternoon of trading triggered by a problem in Greece can decimate your account. There are better options, and it’s not a CD at your bank.

Announcing Retirement Accounts for those who want to stop losing money

Since 1974, Congress has allowed retirement money to own almost every kind of asset, the only exception is life insurance, and “collectibles.” The big brokerage houses don’t want us to know about the option to move our money away from their ongoing fees.

Own something that won’t lose value

These retirement accounts allow you to own real estate, gold and silver, a business, a franchise, a loan secured by real estate, or a stream of payments from a big company like Prudential, the California Lottery, or the US Military.

Alternative Assets Can Help Put Dead Money to Work

Ready For Some Other Investment Options for your IRA or 401k?

“Jailbreak your IRA or 401k retirement.”TM Get your retirement out of a money market or some mutual fund, and start earning a return on your money! You aren’t stuck on Wall Street, bring your investment money back to Main Street! You only need to change the kind of IRA or 401k that you have! Let us show you how you can do it without any penalty or tax due.

“I had completely given up on my IRA\401k, but then I heard about Self-Directed options for investing…”

This is a common testimonial from our clients. Some are accustomed to a 14% return because they haven’t gotten anything less. Click the tabs at the top to learn more about your alternatives for better investments…get your retirement in many different baskets.

Recent Study Showed 77% of Americans wanted Alternative Assets

You aren’t alone! 1000 Americans were surveyed in February of 2012 said they were at least somewhat interested in investing in alternative assets. Sadly, only 10% of the financial professionals surveyed can offer alternatives. Spend what time you need on this site to learn how diversifying into alternative assets can get you back on track for your retirement goals.

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