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Why Now

Defend your money from inflation and low return investments.

Discover why timing is everything when it comes to building and protecting your wealth.

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We’ve moved $2 billion from Wall Street to Main Street with profitable investment alternatives.

Find out how Main Street Alternative Asset Planners turns your investments from gambling to growth.

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Real Estate

Use your IRA or 401(k) to create consistent revenue with real estate investments that increase in value.

Private Lending

Experience the benefits of consistent cash flow. Lend based on the asset that secures the loan and receive monthly mailbox money.

Lifetime Income

Lifetime income that you can’t outlive—yes, that benefit exists. See how you can have sustainable income that won’t run out.

Main Street Entrepreneur

Use your IRA to start a simple, profitable business—without having to take out a loan or risk your hard-earned money.

Experience the Main Street Difference

We exist to educate our clients on the opportunities for long-term savings and wealth management strategies that give you control over your investments.

Our expert planners provide individuals and families in the workforce, or already retired, the tools and resources to take your money out of risky stocks and bonds, and place it in alternative investments that gain steady returns and secure a more sustainable financial future.

77% Want OUT!

Only 10% Offer a WAY Out!

77% of Americans want to stop gambling their hard-earned dollars in the stock market, but fewer than 10% of financial planners even offer alternative asset options.Lowering your investment risk while providing you with asset ownership is our specialty. Alternative assetslower the investment risks of Wall Street, and empower you to grow your wealth at secure and steady rates.

Retirement Recreated

The American Dream of retirement is not going up in flames…not when you break your IRA or 401(k) away from your employer and the stock market, and establish alternative assets that you own.Employer-directed retirement accounts gamble your money in the stock market, leaving you vulnerable.Main Street Alternative Asset Planners shows you how to establish a self-directed IRA that you use to produce sustainable profits with investments that you can see and touch. Taking control from banks and putting the power in your hands recreates the way your money is handled.

Discover How to Take Your Money Back from Wall Street

Don’t gamble with your future…secure it. Call us today at 1-888-212-7430 to discuss your alternative asset strategy, or send us an email with questions about how to make your money safe.